Here you find the TelPac-Node/LinuX, a package of small tools to connect
to the Winlink2000 network via packet radio.

TelPac-Node/LinuX developed by Hans-J. Barthen, DL5DI based on tcp_call
from ax25-tools 0.0.8, enhanced for full-binary transfer and automatic
password protected user- and node-logon at Winlink 2000 servers.

This code is like the original tools term of the GNU licence.

In case of problems please contact dl5di at or at
Hans-Juergen Barthen, Franz-Josef-Str. 20, D-56642 Kruft

You need an existing ax25 installation on your server, an internet connection
to connect to a Winlink2000 server, the user needs to run Airmail2000.

Please find a lot more background information at and

Please check it and find out what TelPac is about before trying to run a node!

telpac-node.1.0.4.txt      TelPac-Node/LinuX rev 1.0.4 Infotext
telpac-node.1.0.4.tgz      TelPac-Node/LinuX rev 1.0.4 gzip-compressed tarfile      TelPac-Node/LinuX rev 1.0.4 zip-compressed file

telpac-node.1.0.3.txt      TelPac-Node/LinuX rev 1.0.3 Infotext
telpac-node.1.0.3.tgz      TelPac-Node/LinuX rev 1.0.3 gzip-compressed tarfile      TelPac-Node/LinuX rev 1.0.3 zip-compressed file

telpac-node.1.0.2.txt      TelPac-Node/LinuX rev 1.0.2 Infotext
telpac-node.1.0.2.tgz      TelPac-Node/LinuX rev 1.0.2 gzip-compressed tarfile

telpac-node.1.0.1.txt      TelPac-Node/LinuX rev 1.0.1 Infotext
telpac-node.1.0.1.tgz      TelPac-Node/LinuX rev 1.0.1 gzip-compressed tarfile

telpac-node.1.0.txt        TelPac-Node/LinuX rev 1.0 Infotext
telpac-node.1.0.tgz        TelPac-Node/LinuX rev 1.0 gzip-compressed tarfile