Attention: This Software is absolute!
The Winlink network does not support Telpac-Access after March 1st 2009!

Please use the new Linux-RMS-Gateway which is the improved replacement with new features!

We will keep this software here for reference only.

Here you find TelPac-Node/LinuX, a small package of software tools to run a Packet-Radio-Node for LinuX which connects to a Winlink2000 CMS host using a Telnet connection.

I don't want to talk a lot about Winlink2000. It is a powerfull Global Radio Email System which a lot of pactor users may know for years.
But it became a lot more than a network of Pactor stations!
If you want to get more details please just click the logo above and have a look to the new Winlink2000 website!

TelPac-Node/LinuX is a bridge connecting packet-radio transparent to a telnet port of a host.
It was developed based on "tcp_call" from the LinuX ax25-tools 0.0.8, enhanced for full-binary transfer and automatic password protected user- and node-logon at CMS hosts.

This code is like the original ax25-tools term of the GNU General Public licence.

In case of problems please contact me:

Hans-J. Barthen,
Franz-Josef-Str. 20,
D-56642 Kruft


I am also member of the wl2kemcomm-Yahoo-Group

To run this telpac node you need

Please find a lot more background information at
Check and find out what TelPac, RMS, CMS and all this stuff is before trying to run a node!

Here the files of the current version:
COPYING Copyright / GNU General Public Licence
telpac-node.latest.tgz a link to the latest version of TelPac-Node/Linux in a gzip-compressed tar-file 
(you may use this URL to link it to your webpage)  a link to the latest version of TelPac-Node/Linux in a standard zip-file 
(you may use this URL to link it to your webpage)
Current version:
telpac-node.1.0.5.txt TelPac-Node/LinuX rev 1.0.5 Infotext
telpac-node.1.0.5.tgz TelPac-Node/LinuX rev 1.0.5 gzip-compressed tarfile TelPac-Node/LinuX rev 1.0.5 zip-compressed file
<Subdirectory old> This directory contains the complete history.

ax25-libs and ax25-tools are also available at our host.

Please first check at Google or your preferred download-server if you find any matching version for your special LinuX-distribution!
This may make life easier and save you some effort and time.

If you do not find anything better have a look here: and check the subdirectories ax25kernel, the f6bvp-version for kernel 2.6 and the directory openSuSE10.2.
Don't worry if it looks quiet old, it is really old and nobody seems to be working on it anymore.
But it works!

There are still LinuX distributions which are "hamradio-ready" or special editions which have been updated by hams.
In this case things will be very easy. The installation of the node software on a packet-radio-ready system is very easy.

Any questions how to set up ax25 ?
Here a link to the LinuX-AX25-HOWTO in english and german language.

A few words about my own installation:

I am running this TelPac-Node on openSuSE-LinuX 10.2 with kernel version 2.6.23.
The LinuX-Server is connected via an axip-link over ethernet to the Packet-Radio-Digipeater DB0LJ under the roof of my house.
This digipeater is built of 2 TNC4 running the Packet-Radio-Node-Software XNet 1.39.

This digipeater has several ports:

The 10MBit/s-link connects DB0LJ to the digipeater DB0MYK on a hill nearby at about 600m asl (>400m about average area), with a coverage area of 80-100km in radius.
It covers the Rhine-valley up north to the Duesseldorf/Cologne area.
This link is also connecting our UHF-Echolink-Repeater DB0MYK to the internet and is planned to run a DSTAR connection in future.

73 de Hans

Hans-J.Barthen, DL5DI