Here you will find the new LinuX-RMS-GateWay:

At this place just a short overview:

LinuX-RMS-Gateway is the next generation access software to the Winlink 2000 network.
LinuX-RMS-Gateway is a follow up to TelPac-Node/LinuX, a small package of software tools to run a Packet-Radio-GateWay on a LinuX system which connects to a Winlink2000 CMS host using a Telnet connection.

Here some of our goals for LinuX-RMS-Gateway Rev 2:

Please check our Yahoo group Yahoo-Group "LinuxRMS" for details, discussions and actual versions.
Find a list of Stations running Linux-RMS-Gateway here (updated weekly).


Licence regulations:

The communication tools are based on  the ax25-tools.
This part of the code will be open source and term of the GNU General Public licence.

We work for fun, we "borrow" code from other authors and we supply codes to others.
So the main part of our RMS GateWay Software is Open Source.

Unfortunately for security reasons parts of the Winlink2000 specific configuration tools can not be published with source.

I don't want to talk a lot about Winlink2000 at this place.
It is a powerfull Global Radio Email System which a lot of pactor users may know for years.
But it became a lot more than a network of Pactor stations!
If you want to get more details please just click the logo above and have a look to the new Winlink2000 website!

Interested sysops are invited to join our  Yahoo-Group "LinuxRMS"

73 de

Hans-J. Barthen,
Franz-Josef-Str. 20,
D-56642 Kruft


Please find a lot more background information at
Check and find out what TelPac, RMS, CMS and all this stuff is before starting to download this software!

This is the link to the local download area