DL5DI Software Projects

Here you find my little modifications and own tools around hamradio
My LinuX software is usually written in C using gcc, for smaller tools I prefer Perl5.
For Windows software I usually choose Borland Delphi2005.
All of it is available for free.
COPYING Everything I do is for fun and for me fun is free of charge. Nevertheless there are some rules, please find the GNU General Public Licence here.
aprs A modified version of the old APRS-Server for LinuX aprsd with special filters and other modifications.
I can not support this anymore. I stopped to use it myself long time ago when javAPRSsrv came out, an aprs-server software written in Java by Peter Loveall, AE5PL, which is much more powerfull than aprsd.
dpbox-tnt Some modifications,  tools and utilities to the Packet-Radio-BBS System DPBox from DL8HBS.
It includes a smtp/pop-GateWay, different beacons created via aprs and hamradio-pager etc.
Last modification was in 2002, but it is running at db0lj.#rpl.deu.eu / db0lj-8 still today.
dstar-tools Little tools around our D-Star gateway based on DPlus.
dxspider-webcluster An easy perl-script which brings last spots and propagation forecasts of dx-spider to a webpage.
This is running at the dx-cluster db0lj-6, see the result on the web at http://dx.db0lj.de
hallosat-tools This is a special DLL to log from the Sat-Tracker HalloSat online in the logging software Logger32.
There are 2 different versions of the DLL, 
- 1 that works from Logger32 Version 3.7 to 3.8 and
- 1 which works from 3.9 on.
With 3.7 the sat-specific fields were added to the Logger32 external interface, with version 3.9 the interface was improved and completly changed.
!! HalloSat already includes this dll starting with version 5.5.4, it is part of the standard distribution !!
Logger32-HaSi Interface to use the USB-Rotor-Interface HaSI-USB from Gerhard Riesner, DB3DH out of the logbook software Logger32.
The software is based on the demo program supplied by DB3DH. It connects to the external interface of Logger32 via Windows messages and to HalloRotor via DDE.
This directory contains the exe-File and the complete Delphi2005-project. (march 2008)
!! HalloBeam from Version 5.7 on includes this interface, it detects and connects to Logger32 automatically!!
mail-tools Addons for Sendmail to send Beacons via Packet-Radio, APRS and Ham-Pager system "Pocsag" and a tool to set passwords for some HamRadio applications by email.
pocsac Addons around the Ham-Pager system "Pocsag".
I can not support this any longer, our pager-service was switched off in 2008 after the usernumber was nearly down to 0 and we needed place for a DStar-repeater.
telpac-node Telpac-Node for LinuX is a node software which allows to access the Winlink network via Packet-Radio (it was in use at db0lj-2 for several years).
This software needs a running ax25-installation with ax25d, ax25libs and ax25tools on the LinuX server !
Meanwhile this software should be absolute, Telpac-Nodes were replaced by RMS-Gateways.
The telpac ports of the Winlink CMS servers were switched off in february 2009.
rms-gateway LinuX RMS-Gateway, the 2nd. generation of Winlink2000-access software for LinuX.
This is the follow-up of TelPac-Node/LinuX.
This software needs a running ax25-installation with ax25d, ax25libs, ax25tools and sql-libs on the LinuX server !
Optional it needs the hostmode terminal software tnt to run with hostmode devices like the SCS PTC2.
Be aware that a Pactor-RMS-Gateway other than the Packet-Radio-version needs a special registration at the Winlink network!
Please contact the winlink-team - not us ! - before you start to install a Pactor-RMS-Gateway.
With this version I teamed up with my friend Brian Eckert, W3SG, in the US. Brian started to do the coding.
For network security reasons this software is not fully open source!
Sorry for that, but that was a requirement of the Winlink team.
We have to respect that and are very gratefull for the support and confidence that we got.
The login procedures to the Winlink network - a minor part of the package - are kept in a precompiled static library.
Different versions for x86, x86-64 and ARM-V5tel (NSLU2) are part of the package, others can possibly be supplied on request in our Yahoo-Group.
(external Link)
ircDDB is an IRC-based (Internet-Relay-Chat) Distributed DataBase for the D-Star digital voice hamradio network.
It builds a worldwide D-Star routing network which covers all gateways at the existing trust server systems and also without any and offers real online callsign routing accross all network borders.
Routing information are available at your destination gateway before you release your PTT button!
This project was initiated by Hans-J. DL5DI, Jann DG8NGN and Michael DL1BFF and presented at the Hamradio in 2010.
The project is under the GNU public licence.
Documentation and sources can be found at the official website www.ircddb.net".
DMR-Monitor DMR-Monitor is a system for the visualization of the traffic on the worldwide Amateur Radio DMR network.
The software was developed for the dmr.darc.de website (shut-down in 2019).
The capture tool (client) is based on tcpdump/windump and should run on a DMR bridge (CBridge or SmartPTT) of the MotoTrbo IP-side network.
The server part uses a MySQL database and Perl5.
The project is under the GNU public licence. Changes to tcpdump are supplied as patches to the original version.
openDV G4KLX Repeater and ircDDBGateway documentation and repositories. The Debian and CentOS repositories provide an easy way to install and update ircDDBGateway and G4KLX Repeater software for D-Star.
Support is provided in the Yahoo-Groups "PCRepeaterController" and "ircDDBGateway", source code at the "GitHub", project "opendv".
The project is under the GNU public licence.
DStar-DMR-Gateway The software allows to connect a Hytera-DMR-Repeater to a D-Star DCS-Reflector.
This project is a cooperation of Torsten Schultze DG1HT and Hans-J. Barthen DL5DI.
It is a closed source software project.
DMRplus MBridge DMRplus MBridge connects 1 of it's 2 timeslots to a Motorola repeater to the experimental Amateur Radio DMRplus network.
This project is a cooperation of Torsten Schultze DG1HT and Hans-J. Barthen DL5DI.
It is a closed source software project.
DMR-Find DMR-Find was mainly developed for the Hytera MD655 mobile transceiver, which is nice for mobile implementation, but terrible to use with a usual codeplug.
However, it can be used with any other transceiver with a codeplug that matches the calculation rules.
The idea behind this system is to use a codeplug which is based on frequencies - similar to a usual VFO - not based on individual repeater settings.
I was also inspired by the way like actual Icom mobile transceivers work, like ID56 and ID5100, with a repeater list which shows local reepeaters based on the actual GPS position.
DMR-Find is web-based. The webpage shows actual repeaters direct from the registration server, always complete and actual, no need to update the codeplug, based on the distance to the actual location, with a channel and module for the frequency of the repeater.
Keep in mind that this idea was born at times when only the MARC- and DMR+ Network exist, with a low number of talkgroups.
The system calculates zone and channel for only 2 TGs per repeater. This was enough for the country TG on TS1 and TG9 for DMR+reflectors on TS2.
In todays world of hundreds of different TGs and different configurations in different networks, countries and regions, this tool might not be very helpful anymore.
There is no intention to stop the server side, it does not cost anything, just a php-script with a select to the database.