DStar-DMR-Gateway by DL5DI/DG1HT

This software is for Amateur Radio use only!
It was developed to be used in the open, non-profesional Amateur Radio DMR network.

Any kind of commercial use of DStar-DMR-Gateway is prohibited! 

The software allows to connect a Hytera-DMR-Repeater to a D-Star DCS-Reflector.
The software is closed source.
It does not need any copyright protected libraries or tools.

- D-Star-Repeater with Hytera API (all Hytera repeaters)
- Firmware version 7.x / API protocol version 2.14 or newer
- outgoing IP traffic to the configured xreflector (port 30051)
- outgoing IP traffic to download lists with actual DMR-IDs from webserver
- the DMR-Master which gets connected should run version 7.x or higher
- the installation of the gateway on VMWare is not supported,
  there are known issues with other standard network software as well.

version 1:
- blue D-Star USB-DV-Dongle (http://www.dvdongle.com)
  (a VM most likely wont work with the DV-dongle)
- Linux 32bit/64bit, libcurl, openssl-1.0.0 installed 
  (tested on Debian7/Wheezy, CentOS6.5)

- AMBE3000 modem (NWDigital ThumbDV DV3000GPIO or DV3000USB)
- AMBEServer software installed and running (provided by NWDigital/G4KLX)
- Linux 32bit/64bit, libcurl, openssl-1.0.0 installed 
  (tested on Debian7/Wheezy, Raspbian, CentOS6.5)
Version 2 is available for package installation for Debian7 32/64bit, 
CentOS6 32bit and Raspbian.
Please find more details in the instruction files.

DStar-DMR-Gateway uses RFC3550 based protocol to communicate to the API control port 
and ulaw audio format to transfer linear digital audio to the repeater.
The audio signal is un-coded and un-compressed.
Repeater and gateway should run in the same subnet to make sure that this traffic
works stable and reliable.
All AMBE/AMBE++ coding and decoding is done by the DV-Dongle/DV3000-Modem and in the repeater.

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