*   Software developed or modified by dl5di:   *

COPYING    Copyright / GNU General Public Licence

NOTE: This software has not intentionally been developed to be used by
everybody. It mostly has only poor documentation, no comfortable, colorful
install tools and sometimes needs some changes to fit to your own environment.
The main purpose is to provide all tools and hopefully nice and helpful things
that we use at our stations DB0LJ, DB0QT, DB0MYK, DA5UDI, webservers and BBS
as samples for your own development.
If you need any help or find problems please let me know.

It would be nice to get a short notice if you use some of this tools or you
made any improvements.

73 de Hans, DL5DI

aprs-msg-server.gz		sends aprs-messages to the Packet-Radio-BBS

aprs2mail.gz			sends aprs-messages to email

dp600tcp-4.2002.tgz		tcp/ip mail- and news-gateway for dpbox600, rev.4
dp600tcp-5.2002.tgz		- tcp/ip mail- and news-gateway for dpbox600, rev 5.
				- creates new-mail-messages via aprsd and pager messages via rpd
				- updates calender from BBS

mail2pager.README.txt		infotext
mail2pager.tgz			creates pager and aprs message from email for the new import format 
				of the pager software from dh4dai and dh6bb (27. apr 2003)

mail2pocsag.README.txt		infotext
mail2pocsag.tgz			creates pager and aprs message from email for the rpp scripts (12 may 2002)

rpp-aprs.gz			pager client which also sends aprs message parallel (09 may 2002)


tnt-1.9.1-531-dl5di-wpp.tgz    contains a modified version of the packet-radio-
                               terminalprogram tnt version 1.9.1-531.
                               The modifications are on the tcpip port and allow
			       to connect it with the Windows Packetradio Program
			       WPP and use all features including binary up- and