DMRplus MBridge

(C) DL5DI Hans-J. Barthen, DG1HT Torsten Schultze

This software was called "MotoMaster" before and has been renamed to "MotoBridge",
but that is a registered trademark of Motorola Solutions, so we changed it to DMR+MBridge!
"DMR+MBridge" is what it really does.
A "MotoMaster" with a different functionality is in development and will follow soon.

This software is for Amateur Radio use only.
It is an add-on to the DMR+Master (DG1HT) and allows to connect timeslot 2 of a Motorola repeater
to the open DMRplus Amateur Radio system.
(The DMR+Master software is provided to Amateur Radio license holders only and not available here)

DMR+MBridge behaves like a peer on the IPSC network.
Timeslot 2 needs to be isolated at the bridge from any other traffic.
The software is designed to work as the only peer on TS2 and won't serve other peer connections.
TS1 is not used and may be configured at the repeater independently.

DMR+MBridge behaves like a repeater on the DMR+network.
It connects to a DMR+Master and supports DTMF controlled reflector and link features from 
stations on the Motorola repeater TS2, like known from the DMRplus network and very similar to 
the worldwide CCS/DCS D-Star network.
Also GPS messages on TS2 are forwarded transparent to the DMR+Master and provided to the aprs 
network (only tested with Hytera mobile devices).

DMR+MBridge is currently available for the Raspberry Pi (Raspbian-Wheeze), Linux-x86 (Debian6)
32 and 64bit and Windows 32bit.

Support by email ( or better in the Yahoo Group "dmrplus".

DMR+MBridge is closed source.
It does not need any copyright protected libraries or tools.
It was developed to be used in the open, nonprofesional Amateur Radio DMR network.
Any kind of commercial use of DMR+MBridge is prohibited!