*   Software developed or modified by dl5di:   *

COPYING    Copyright / GNU General Public Licence

NOTE: This software has not intentionally been developed to be used by
everybody. It mostly has only poor documentation, no comfortable, colorful
install tools and sometimes needs some changes to fit to your own environment.
The main purpose is to provide all tools and hopefully nice and helpful things
that we use at our stations DB0LJ, DB0QT, DB0MYK, DA5UDI, webservers and BBS
as samples for your own development.
If you need any help or find problems please let me know.

It would be nice to get a short notice if you use some of this tools or you
made any improvements.

73 de Hans, DL5DI

*   APRS   *

** latest standard release see: /pub/ham/aprs/programme/linux/aprsd

*** unmodified testversion from WA4DSY, aug 28, 2002:
aprsd215b9.tgz	    		aprsd215b9 with STLport support, original from WA4DSY

*** LATEST AX25SOCKET-PATCH from DL5DI, sept 3, 2002:
aprsd215b9.ax25sock.info	Infofile with revision history
aprsd215b9.ax25sock.diff.gz	patch for aprsd215b9 with STLport support, ax25sockets and additional
				prefix-filtered ports,	fits to aprsd215b9.tgz (see above)
aprsd215b9.ax25sock.tgz		full source archiv for aprsd215b9 with STLport support, ax25sockets and 
				additional prefix-filtered ports

stlport-4.5.3.tar.gz		STLport from http://www.stlport.org/download.html
stlport-5.0-0409.tar.gz		STLport is a thread safe open source release of stl.  
				It has C++ iostreams, string libraries and others.
				WA4DSY modified aprsd to use this library if it is installed.
				Follow the instructions in README.stlport, then recompile aprsd.
				You should see references to stlport in the compiler messages
				if it is properly linking to it.

*** former aprsd versions:
aprsd215b8.dl5di.info     	infotext
aprsd215b8.dl5di.diff.gz	patch with additional prefix-filtered ports (no ax25socket support !), fits to
aprsd215b8.dl5di.tgz		full source archiv with additional prefix-filtered ports (no ax25socket support !)

aprsd214.vk3sb.2.dl5di.4.diff.txt	infotext
aprsd214.vk3sb.2.dl5di.4.diff.gz	patch with addional prefix-filtered ports and ax25sockets, fits to 
aprsd214.vk3sb.2.dl5di.4.tgz		full source archiv with additional prefix-filtered ports and ax25sockets

*** Tools around aprsd:
aprs-database.tgz		collects calls and aprs-paths in database for usage in bbs or webserver
aprs2mail.gz			creates mail from aprs message addressed to bbs-call and imports to DPBox
aprs_call.tgz			starts at ax25-VC-connect by ax25d, connects to tcp-port from aprsd,
				handels login procedure and transfers aprs traffic transparent

aprs-msg-server.gz              APRS-Message-Server
				- reads from MSG-Port (TCP-Socket) of a javAPRSServers (default 1314)
				- sends messages to a BBS-Call in the format of DPBox-importfiles
				- sends messages to a Pager-Adress if abvailable
				- sends replys in APRS on UDP port of javAPRSServer (default 1315)

posit2rf			filters aprs traffic from tcp-port of aprsd for prefix, distance, 
				gap between 2 beacons depending on mobile/fix station etc. and feeds 
				it back to udp-port addressed to TNC.